The Policy Simulation Library (PSL) is an open source software library for public-policy decisionmaking. The models in PSL are developed by independent projects that conform to PSL criteria for transparency. Modeling projects may also adopt PSL's criteria for interoperability and community building, which take the form of suggestions for interface design and organizational activity. PSL aims to grow to span governments and policy domains.

The PSL-Infrastructure project, which lives in this repository, sets PSL criteria and develops infrastructure to support PSL.

PSL infrastructure projects under development include:

The PSL's online home for users is https://www.pslmodels.org.

If you would like to learn more about PSL plans, see our roadmap.

If you would like to make a technical contribution to PSL, please review the contributor guide.

You can reach PSL developers and users to discuss how to get started by opening an issue or joining the PSL Community chat room.

PSL is governed by a leadership council of project representatives.

The PSL community is respectful, warm, and open to everyone. In order to ensure that the project remain that way for all participants, we have officially adopted the NumFOCUS Code of Conduct as our own, with the exception that infractions should be reported to a PSL leadership council member.