February 2019 Newsletter
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B-Tax evaluates the effect of US federal taxes on businesses' investment incentives.

Release 0.2.8
  • Users can now install the B-Tax package from the PSLmodels Channel on Anaconda


OG-USA is an overlapping-generations model for evaluating fiscal policy in the United States.

Events and Conferences
  • Richard Evans, a core maintainer of OG-USA, was featured in the January PSL DC Meeting. Read the recap and watch the video here.

General Updates
  • Consumption taxes, such as retail sales taxes, excise taxes, or a value-added tax can now be modeled. PR #439

  • A new option to more flexibly model how bequests are distributed across generations was added. PR #438

  • All policy parameters can now be adjusted at any point along the transition path, allowing users to simulate the effects of temporary policy changes. PR #437 and #433

  • Model output now separately reports revenue from each tax source and Old Age Survivor Insurance outlays. PR #436

Tax-Calculator is a USA federal individual income and payroll tax microsimulation model.

Events and Conferences
  • Martin Holmer, a core maintainer of Tax-Calculator, will present at the upcoming February PSL DC Meeting on February 25th. RSVP here

General Updates
  • Aparna Mathur (AEI) uses Tax-Calculator to analyze Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's proposal to tax incomes above $10 million at a 70% marginal tax rate. Link